Monopoly x Gracie 3D (Meyer) x Harietta (Who Made Who)
DOB: Feb. 2010
BW: 86
Bred By: Bellar Cattle Co.
TH Carrier

Ali x Heat Wave
March 2, 2009
BW: 78 lbs


Bulls Available for Lease...

About Time x Blue Chip
DOB: 3/27/06


Sold by Derek Kennedy and Justin Holl
Shown by Chelsea Fauch
Sired by Polar Express

Eskimo Joe x Vortex/Cunia

BW: 85 lbs.  BD: 3/4/05
TH Free

Polar Express was the thickest, biggest boned bull in Denver 2006.
Yet still providing a light 85 pound birthweight.  This powerful blend of genetics wrapped up into an athletically sound, soft, free moving, powerful bull with great hair and TH Free.  Some of the most sought after genetics in the Shorthorn breed packed into one genetically powerful bull.  Polar Express is a bull to use on your Shorthorns and Black cows a like.


Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: PS Power Play
DOB: 4/10/03    BW: 84 lbs.

The results are in!  Calves sold out of Rock Star include:
$16,500 Steer, $22,5000 Heifer, $20,000 Steer & 2 - $10,000 Steers
Rock Star's low birth weight and great hair makes him a must use bull.

Semen available through owners or all major distributors

Rock Stars extreme slender neck, massive shape over his top, and thickness through his hind quarter - not to mention his stoutness of bone, structural correctness, mobility, and width of stance, are second to none. All of this combined with his great genetics on both the sire and dam sides. This is truly a unique blend of livestock genetics. Heat Wave furnished his squareness of hip and stoutness of lower quarter along with his enormous bone and tremendous hair.
PS Powerplay Angus females are known for their calving ability, milking gift, ease of flushing, and prolific breeding is a bonus. Rock Star is sure to produce sound, functional cattle that will work virtually in every herd.


Sire: OCC Legend
Dam: Really Windy (AN) (Who Made Who x Cecil)
BW: 78 lbs.     BD: 4/23/04

The hairiest Angus bull we've seen.  With a 62 lb. birth weight so you can take a Spring Break.  The females out of Spring Break will be an added bonus.

Sire: Mossy Oak
Dam: Traveler 71
BW: 81 lbs.     BD: 3/23/04
Definitely the thickest, deepest, soundest Mossy Oak available. With calves just starting to arrive, reports are the Solid Oak calves are stout, hairy and deep bodied.

Sire: MoJo
Dam: Aviance
BW: 89 lbs.     BD: 4/06/04

Hairy, Hairy, Hairy with style and thickness that can't be magically duplicated.

Sire: Mossy Oak
Dam: Meyer 734
BW: 87 lbs.     BD: 4/10/04

The coolest looking Mossy Oak baldie around out of a true Christiansen Meyer cow.  Both steers and heifers will be GREAT!
Calves are arriving and reports are that they look awesome, just give Kyle Barny a call, 580-603-0571

Sire: Heat Seeker
Dam: Pine Drive (PB ANGUS)
DOB: 3/26/01    BW: 72 lbs.

Owned with Bob Gassman

Bob Gassman bred six cows to Barely Legal and here are the results:
Reserve Champion Steer - Ohio State Fair, Division Winner - Illinois State fair and sold three show heifers.
Bob reports all of his Barely Legal calves are extremely hairy.


Sire: Truck Stop
(PB Angus) (Flashback x Montana Truck)
Dam: Nufsaid x Angus
DOB: 4/1/01
BW: 85 lbs.



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